Daily Beats

A Rhythmic Movement Program
by Bridgette Nicholson

Easy to Implement, Effective for Learning

  1. Print the poster and put it up on the wall.
  2. Choose the movements from the poster.
  3. Play the sound from this web site.


Daily Beats Logo

Daily Beats is a simple and effective program that can be used by children of all ages and skill levels. It is a sound and movement program. This program provides 4 different complexity levels of sound with specific rhythms and beats.

4 Sound Levels
Daily Beats Movements

The simple movements are illustrated on a poster which can be printed out and put up on the wall for quick reference and for reminders. The poster shows common movements children can use to follow along with the rhythm of the sounds.

It is very simple and quick to set up and to use. Simply look at the poster. Choose the movement and then find the sound that matches the movement. Press “Go to Sounds” below to get to the sounds.

Fits easily into children’s existing schedule.

Schedule Integraion
Rhythm then Writing

10 minutes of Daily Beats and Rhythmic Movement right before writing can help with sensory modulation, focus and attention, postural control, and the coordination needed for successful writing.

10 minutes of Daily Beats and Rhythmic Movement right before reading can help your child with postural control, focus, and the rhythmic eye movements needed for smooth reading.

Rhythm then Reading