Rhythmic Movement Poetry

Integrating movement, rhythm, and poetry into the learning process can have a remarkable impact on learning and achievement. The research clearly shows that rhythm synchronizes brain activity, and is beneficial for many areas of development. Poetry engages language processing, emotions, and creativity in the brain, and it can be FUN if we do it right. Combining movement, rhythm, and poetry creates a fun, active, multimedia, and dynamic learning environment that promotes engagement and optimal brain functioning.

SUGGESTIONS FOR USE: Have your children move in time to the beat and follow along with the poem. They can clap in time to the beat. Or, they can do any other movement in time to the beat. Adults provide the model - read the grey text out loud in time to the beat. Then the child recites when the white text is on the screen. Clap or march in time to the beat. Or have your children make a simple repetitive movement to the beat.

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