About Rhythmic Movement

Introduction, Grading and Scaffolding, and More

Extensive research shows that movement, music, and rhythm, can be powerful for many aspects of child development and function.

Music, movement, and rhythm can be a fun, motivationg and highly beneficial for helping kids with learning. Rhythmic Movement was created to give kids a very easy-to-follow program they can do at home or school prior to working. It provides a scaffolded and graded approach for students of all ages and grades. The sequential videos incorporate many important principles of brain-based learning and motor planning.

Start by selecting a group of videos with a lower movement and sound level. Help your kids the first few times, until they can continue doing the program with less help. It only takes a few minutes to go through a set of videos. It's best to do this as a pre-learning activity. Watch and collect data to see if your kids work with better focus and attention after going through a section of videos.

Once your kids become more familiar and skilled, they can move to a set of videos with a higher movement and/or sound level.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback, which will help with further development of the program.

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