Movement and Sound

Used in Rhythmic Movement

Each video series in Rhythmic Movement is rated by movement and sound complexity. Here, you can learn about the movement and sounds your students can expect at each level.

Movement Level Description of Movement Example Video


ONE simple movement is repeated throughout the video. The movement is very simple and easy to follow. There is no variation in the movement. The movement is repetitive and the rhythm stays consistent throughout the video. play_arrow


TWO simple sequential movements Are repeated throughout the video. The same two movements are repeated in sequence without any variation in the movement or rhythm. play_arrow


The movements are more complex at this level. There are a lot of movements involving multiple sequences, varied movements including rotation and crossing the midline. Although the movements are more complex, they are still sequential and repetitive. The same movements are repeated throughout the video with no change in rhythm or sequence. play_arrow


At this level, there are many complex movements without specific repetition of movements. This is the highest level of complexity and, in many videos, children are encouraged to make use of their own movements and creativity of movement. play_arrow
Sound Level Description of Sounds Example Sound


One simple and very clear beat repeated throughout the video. No conflicting audio sounds. play_arrow


A simple and very clear beat repeated throughout the video, with other sounds at specific times. However, the basic rhythm and beat is very clear auditorily. play_arrow


The beat and rhythm is more complex, with multiple components, however there is still very clear repetition of the rhythm throughout the video. Additional sound effects are added at different times. play_arrow


On this level, although there is a specific beat and rhythm, it is not always very clear auditorily. Sometimes the base or drum beat is clear to hear, and at times, the rhythm is not clearly evident. It is more complex following the beat at this level. play_arrow