Sensory Regulation

Body-Up Approach to Learning and Skill Development
Children Moving to

A Body-Up Approach to Get Children Ready for Optimal Learning

Focusing on building brain-body coordination, sensory regulation, and primitive reflex integration.

Movement and Sound

Children need unstructured movement and play. They also need highly structured movement which impacts all other areas of function.

Highly Structured Program

Science-based graded movement and sound program which has a positive impact on learning.

Children Acheiving Their Goals

Available Programs:

Rhythmic Movement:
    Follow-Along Videos
    Daily Beats
One Minute Ready for Work
Ready for Rhythm
Ready for Calm
Static Postures
Fast and Slow
Move, Breathe, Calm:
    For Kids
    For Teens and Adults

Structured Movement and Sound Program
Connection Between Movement and Brain Development

Science and Research

Strong evidence shows the benefit of regular, structured movement on brain development.

Rhythmic Movement Program: Graded Sound Levels

Each video series is rated by movement and sound complexity. We are rapidly adding more videos at each level.

Sound Levels
Movement Levels

Rhythmic Movement Program: Graded Movement Levels

Follow-Along Videos

Children follow the easy to understand videos.

Children Following a Video at School